Smart City Offerings

In the approach to the Smart Cities Solutions, by EIPL the objective is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of 'Smart' Solutions.

The focus is on improving the infrastructure and inclusive development and the idea is to look at compact areas, create a replicable model which will act like a light house to other aspiring cities. Today with help of EIPL smart city products we want our country to be competitive in all aspects with other countries.


  • Smart City Solutions
  • Smart Water Management
  • Smart Vehicle Tracking Management
  • Smart Solid Waste Management
  • Smart Metering Management (AMI / AMR for Energy, Water & Gas)
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart File Tracking System
  • GIS (Geographical Information System)