Industrial IoT Solutions

thinktank offers a highly scalable platform in multiple verticals offering multiple sensors, edge processing systems, integration services, pervasive computing and providing hosted on prem or cloud based across industry segments.

We are focused on bringing the revolutionary capabilities of Industry 4.0 across industries. We are creating an impact in every single industry that touches human life, going far beyond just manufacturing.

We have strategically compiled thinktank as a critical compilation of solutions that bring together technologies such as Geospatial Engineering, IoT, PDM 4.0, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Machine Learning (ML), Cold chain and more. This is layered with advanced analytics to go one step beyond by predicting trend and further optimizing processes to provide more value.

IoT Services

  • PDM 4.0/ Industry 4.0
  • Cold Chain Monitoring
  • Mining Control System (MICOS)
  • Tribology
  • Energy Conservation and Monitoring
  • Silo Safety Monitoring
  • Renewable Energy & Monitoring Solutions
  • Industrial Automation
  • HVAC Monitoring
  • Industry Solutions for Online Moisture Measurement
  • Real Time Tracking & Positioning System (Ultra-wide band) UWB