CAVIROTO is a four stage high intensifier (intensification four times higher than a mechanically stirred mixer), designed to scale down the particle size through enhanced microstreaming effects, vigorous shearing and turbulence and controlled cavitation mechanism. It works through the rotation of a rotor inside a stator, which creates a suction effect. It is based on the principle of a high centrifugal force produced because of its large rpm of rotor mounted in the main spindle. The specially designed minimal tolerance of the rotor and stator makes it very high in intensifying the micro.

CAVIROTO are typically comprised of a four blade rotor turning at high speeds within a stationary stator As the blades rotate, materials are continuously drawn into one end of the mixing head and expelled at high velocity through the openings of the stator. The resulting intense shearing and turbulence promotes fast mixing, breaks down solid agglomerates and reduces the size of suspended droplets It can achieve tip speed of upto 95 m/s.